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  • Real estate remodeling

    There’s no appropriate design without experience of implementation. In return, there’s no appropriate realization without design. Our strength lies in the complexity that, based on the experience we have in the area of planning and construction, we perform both design and realization..
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  • Purchase of real estate

    It’s not a big deal if you have a strong budget. However, selecting the ideal choice among possible options: it’s not that easy! A lot of people seem to forget those cardinal issues that, having clearly available in concept, would have changed their decision…
    Learn as much as possible about the selected real estate prior to the purchase!

  • Sale of real estate

    I don’t need that 5 – 10 % excess which would be debited on my bank account…

    I am aiming at the maximum at any time, I want to make most out of the sale of real estate.

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  • Cecília Prózsa

    Interior designer and 3D visualization expert

    As an interior designer and as a 3D visualization expert I create livable, functional, sweet homes from the already available apartments. Clients will obtain an insight through 3D visualization renderings about all possible variations that can be applied to shape their homes. If it’s about the sale of property I use value-added provisions to make the property qualified for making maximum profit for the owner.

  • Csaba Prózsa

    Construction engineer

    For investors, home buyers I am instrumental at on-site visits prior to the purchases in revealing hidden, concealed details of the property, acting as an independent expert, thus a responsible decision can be made in possession of all necessary information.

  • ‘If we had to write three words that characterize Cili they would be: professionalism, humility and dedication. It was very important for us that everything would take place according to discussions as we had agreed. And this is what has happened. We dreamed, she planned, and where we had no specific ideas, she helped us to find a solution without any force of persuasion. Surely everyone knows the feeling of browsing through the pages of various home magazines slightly discouraged and thinking ‘I’ll never have a home like that.’ Cili showed us, yes, that’s possible. Thank you! M&T

    Marcsi & Tamás
  • ‘You have helped a lot with your ideas and advice, and the result speaks for itself! Following the initial tentative approach we could work together very well. Your flexibility, speed and always cheerful but firm style all contributed to the fact that we’ll be able to move in a fantastic apartment :). Right now we have only the 3D plans in hand, but we already have a strong liking for it ! We wish you every success in your work:D!’

  • ‘Cili and Csaba did a great job not only by realizing in the design what I had specified to them in verbal communication, but they also paid special attention to me, to my person, my personality and sensed well my thoughts, desires, even those that I was unable to express on my own. Thus, the plans they have set up are representing such a thing that with their help and direction I’m happy to start the renovation because I can take it for granted that the final result will be just as I dreamed and as it was designed by Cili.’

  • ‘We liked the 3D visualization at first sight so we hardly changed anything on it. Our priority was put on practicality and on the kitchen to match to the living room. The implementation took place according to the plans, so I was calm and did not have to be concerned with the work during the day and the final result is express image of the 3D renderings.’



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