A young couple’s family house

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The design work incorporated a space re-arrangement and furnishing of a family house for a young couple who spent much time abroad, but lived active social life and had liking for hosting guests. The main requirement was to create a living room – dining room – kitchen, suitable to host a large group of people, and also to have a home-office.

The primary step in the design was to separate social space from the intimate zone. First, the bulkheads were removed, thus more spacious premises emerged. Exploiting endowments of the floor plan the total area was divided into three sections to which three main functions were assigned: social space (living room, kitchen, dining room) on the right hand side, intimate zone (bedroom with separate bath) and home-office on the left hand side, between the two functions a passageway and guest toilet is placed. Because of the hospitality function the social space has become center stage in one room, harmonized also by the unified warm flooring. Passageways are reduced to a minimum because they had originally taken unnecessary too much floorspace in the rooms.

We found it important to make the hall comfortable for both the people living there and for the guests, therefore a sizable built-in cupboard and sitting surface was designed as well. There was a need for a separate toilet for guests, which was combined with domestic premises, so storage of washing and drying machines, ironing boards and tools necessary for cleaning were also effected here. Installations of the heating system got hidden by an extra furniture in the foyer.

Main points of the formation were high standard expectations and youthful atmosphere, for which modern elegance, cosiness and cheerful mood were implicated in sketching.

The warm shades of gray were fooled with different shades of blue – royal blue, blue-gray, turquoise – and with mustard yellow causing a little fun and playfulness mingled to the interiors. These colors together are echoed in all areas. The bath radiates warmth and relaxing atmosphere, the living room of natural stone makes it special.

The result is a youthful, clean, uniform-style home.

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