Chick home flavoured with Vintage mood

You may be a prospect to have a home like one of these

The concept of the 44 sqm apartment design was to make it feminine, vintage-style and cozy.

A couple of furniture was a given, I had to plan with these, such as an ikea white kitchen (it had to be completed a little more), a steel blue color sofa and a unique, special Marakkesh lamp. Since the floor was basically in good condition, we decided to retain it.

Originally, to the left from the entrance there was in a separate toilet, the kitchen in the foreground, from which a small bathroom opened where only a bathtub and a sink were fit. By relocating a partition wall wthe bathroom was enlarged, by removal of the separate toilet a comfortable room was created where even a small corner bathtub can fit to the customer’s request. The fact that the kitchen was removed from the foyer to the main room, the room could retain its original features, such as two cabinets were placed in it – one for coats, shoes, the other for cleaning agents and to hide the boiler – a bench, and a full-length mirror.

In the large room the kitchen, dining room, living room were organized in one space. At the dining area the main point was guest hosting, so I designed a fold-out table with four seats in default, but six people can comfortably fit when it is pulled out. Eniko’s dream was to have a sideboard as well, for which I managed to find the location as well. Another challenge was the positioning of many books, for which the ultimate solution was offered by a large vintage bookcase.

In the course of our common search for materials we found a beautiful drop-shaped pendant made of glass and the bottom is decorated with crystals. Not only the customer, but me too fell in love with this lamp is, so there was no question to plan this as well above the dining table, and the single version of this to the counter part. In addition to the mountings, hidden LED lighting was planned at a circumferential section of ceiling and spots to the lower part.

In the small room I designed the transformation of the gallery’s exterior cladding by plasterboard and by creating a comfortable stair. The bedroom is shaped on the gallery with eggplant wall color, and below a wardrobe in the room and even a girly hairbrushing corner got its place. At the closet I designed LED lighting as well and under the stairs a built-in cupboard in a manner that no space remains unused.

The wallpaper is chosen to be the same style but in different colors in the dining room and in the closet. The salmon color can be found at the painted dining chairs and at the coffee table in the living room.


vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-01 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-02 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-03 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-04 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-05 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-06 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-08 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-09 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-10 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-11 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-12 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-13 vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-14

vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-eredeti alaprajz

vintage_hangulattal_fuszerezett-berendezesi alaprajz

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