Flat transformation in Corvin quarter

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At the Corvin project, the purpose of the client was to.sell the property. Taking into account the potential target clientele for re-sale we changed the layout of the apartment. Instead of keepng the pass-through room a small size access space was created, so we designed rooms with separate entrances. While it is true, that this was at the expense of the floor area of the rooms, at the same time the value of the property was increased for the potential targeted clients, which was a main consideration in this case.

Through a practical design, interior doors were arranged in a way that wardrobes can be fitted behind them in both sides. The apartment has basically an elongated layout, which is normally a rather unfavorable feature, since windows with skylight are only at the far ends of the property. Bearing in mind the orientation, large upperlights, mounted on the bulkhead just opposite the entrance, were designed to offer a solution and so natural light permeates the property in the mornings and afternoons.

The toilet and the bathroom had originally been two separate rooms. There had been no sink in the toilet, therefore the two rooms were open into one space resulting in a spacious bathroom. The bathtub was replaced by a shower in order to keep enough room for the washing machine, storage facility and dryer as well. The foyer, dining room and kitchen got arranged in one space. Following the shape of the room an L-shaped ceiling was designed, hosting spot and hidden LED strip lights. The free wall of the kitchen got enlivened by a wallpaper with geometric pattern resembling dandelions. In the big room we applied a solution combining bed room and living room, so all functions are available in the flat.

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