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We made a design work of living-dining room, bedroom, and entryway for a young couple in district XIII., Budapest in a newly built building.

When contacted us, the internal designs were already very advanced stage, and the existing pavements and the kitchen had to adjust the equipment. The furniture albérletből carried over anything they did not want to keep them, so if free rein to the imagination, it was possible for new furniture selection and coordination. The goal was to create a cozy living space, which is youthful, stylish and timeless, it is designed for long-term housing.

Basically, the starting point was the brown-beige combination, but gray was a real preference for the couple, so the solution was that the common space bedcame brown-beige, for which we chose bright turquoise as a complementary color and gray became dominant color in the bedroom, to which is a more subdued shades of greenblue was dreamed.

In the living room we chose a comfortable pull-out sofa bed, suitable for accomodating family members living in the countryside. The colors were adjusted to the existing kitchen, cream color matches with the color of the wallpaper in the dining room chairs, while wallnut color rhymes with the dining table and chair legs.

We have fully utilized all space in the bedroom and in the foyer to store clothes. The sense of space in the relatively small bedroom was helped by using the light colors and side mirror surfaces and cabinets designed to not look cluttered. to satisfy practical aspects sliding door wardrobes were designed.

The result is a youthful, modern, coherent overall picture, cozy atmosphere, clear forms and modern lines characterize the apartment.


varazslatos_turkiz_arnyalatai-01 varazslatos_turkiz_arnyalatai-02 varazslatos_turkiz_arnyalatai-03 varazslatos_turkiz_arnyalatai-04 varazslatos_turkiz_arnyalatai-05 varazslatos_turkiz_arnyalatai-06 varazslatos_turkiz_arnyalatai-07 varazslatos_turkiz_arnyalatai-08 varazslatos_turkiz_arnyalatai-09 varazslatos_turkiz_arnyalatai-10

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