Family house dining-kitchen remodeling

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We’ve been commisiioned by our client to design and construct a kitchen-dining room conjunction in a family house. Our client had a large family of six children, so there was a need for design of a big, comfortable, practical kitchen.

It was important to create more storage space as much as possible, because, among other things, the absence of a pantry had called for the need of ingredients be placed in the kitchen area. To increase the sense of space, the wall between the kitchen and dining area was removed, nothing but a parapet left, functioning as a counter and having a role to somehow separate the kitchen from the dining area. To cover this wall we designed a subdued leaf pattern wallpaper that glitters mysteriously under different lighting conditions.

The style and color of the kitchen furniture was defined by a unique sideboard, which was an item the family insisted to retain. Due to the hight of family members a specific request was addressed to us: to create higher than average kitchen counter, and to build the oven in the tower. The dining table and the classic dining chairs were not to be replaced, and this fact also had to be taken into account while selecting materials and accessories. Consequently, the same granite is to appear on kitchen worktops of which the dining table cover was made.

Above the kitchen an arched ceiling was designed with spotlights, and countertop lighting was created under the upper cabinets. Interior atmosphere in the dining room is now provided by LED strip lights, hiding behind moldings on the sidewalls.

Originally, there had been no access to the terrace from the house other than through the living room, therefore a new door opening was designed to create a direct connection between the kitchen and the terrace. That would establish the possibility to dine outside in case of good weather.

The color of the room is mostly determined by wallnut, completed by beige and pure white.

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