New apartment in brown and turquoise spirit

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I had a design project for a very nice young couple who had their recently purchased apartment in a new building. They had been impressed by the studio apartment designed in the TV show ’Falforgatók’ and they contacted me immediately and sought my help to practical shaping of the interior of their new home. Although the construction works were already in a quite advanced stage, walls, electric outlets were already in place, the design had to be adjusted to these. The couple had very definite ideas about color, material usage, but needed some help in small details and in harmonization of ideas. 3D presentations have largely facilitated implementation as tradesmen would not need explanations on what to do and how to do things, but they can have their own access too, so their work can be controlled on the basis of that. The dominant color combination of the apartment is beige and brown, to which a turquoise color supplement was chosen. The design work covered the kitchen, bath-room, living-room foyer premises. For the walls of the living room there were eventually three variations created.

Which version do you like the best?


ujepitesi_lakas_a_barna_turkiz_jegyeben-01 ujepitesi_lakas_a_barna_turkiz_jegyeben-02 ujepitesi_lakas_a_barna_turkiz_jegyeben-03 ujepitesi_lakas_a_barna_turkiz_jegyeben-04 ujepitesi_lakas_a_barna_turkiz_jegyeben-05 ujepitesi_lakas_a_barna_turkiz_jegyeben-06 ujepitesi_lakas_a_barna_turkiz_jegyeben-07 ujepitesi_lakas_a_barna_turkiz_jegyeben-08 ujepitesi_lakas_a_barna_turkiz_jegyeben-09


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