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Nóra and Tamás requested a kitchen – dining room transformation.

Many homes formulating ignore the importance of the entrance hall, and here we were faceing with this same problem, so in addition to the design of the kitchen the formulation of the hallway became our task too. A large wardrobe was designed to store clothes and shoes.

The dining table had been tightened too much, so the family could not fit comfortably in this arrangement, so I had to find a different layout form. The partition wall between the kitchen and living room was removed and a more comfortable living space was created.

The kitchen was the most practical design of the single-row layout, and the dining area got its place between the kitchen and the living room. For the fridge, which had originally been located in the chamber, we found a place in the kitchen for a more convenient use.

The family insisted to keep the table and the chairs, so colors of the kitchen were adjusted to cherry (windows and a dining table) and to beige (chairs). We chose tiles whose colors included theses and in which also wood-effect color shades couls be found, so now it fits perfectly to the existing elements, to the front of the kitchen and to the board with wooden effect as well.

The outcome of the freedom in design and the conscious technological formulation was a real dream kitchen.


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