Practical studio on 29 sqm

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The subject of our design was a studio apartment in district II., Budapest, whose owner, a young man living abroad, had the aim of short-term lets.

First, the kitchen boundary bulkheads were removed, thus an improved sense of space was created for the flat, and new funcions could be planned, such as an extra bar area realized for the special request of the customer.

The kitchen has became more convenient, more practical with enough surface for work. Small utensils are placed in the corner, and the boiler is housed in a cabinet above. We adjusted a suspended ceilig to the unaesthetic joist protruding from the ceiling surface in the kitchen area, so the visible structural elements were hidden.

The bath area has been completely reconstructed, spacious built-in shower was designed to replace the toilet and the sink, the bathtub was replaced by the toilet and the washing machine. The upper window was removed, because a wall-to-ceiling mirror-surfaced wardrobe was designed to the wall of the living-bedroom.

For the room area a pull-out sofa bed was selected, so both functions of living room and bedroom are activated.

We had an important aspect to plan with quality materials, so we picked the choice of wooden parquet, high-gloss surfaces. Scandinavian style, bright colors, mostly white walls-cabinets and wood surfaces characterize the apartment, which is zinged up by the blue color in each portion.

Despite the small size of the flat everything has found its place: enough storage surface was created for clothes, shoes, cleaning agents, vacuum cleaner, books.

The end result is a youthful, modern, bright home, perfectly fit for two people and is also suitable for hosting guests.

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