Room transformations in Újlipótváros

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We had a project in Újlipótváros to re-design a living room, girls’ room and entryway for a five-member family.

The main problem was the number of doors each room had because the apartment had basically a circled passage layout and thus lost a lot of useful wall surface at the expense of storage. Therefore we terminated the four-winged door of the girls’ room facing the living room, so the girls had only entry from the foyer, which is even preferable, especially when they’ll grow to be teenagers.

At the formation of the living room a lot of storage was necessary because the family had a lot of books whose storage was solved by high, unique, glass-fronted bookshelves. The main function was to have a suitability to host a larger group of people, so two sofas and two armchairs ensured sufficient sitting facilities. In addition, a working corner is housed in one corner of the room. General lighting was complemented by mood lighting hidden behind molding and by a floor lamp.

Regarding the room of the two girls – as already mentioned – we have won a valuable wall section by replacing the door, so we were able to place more storage furniture than before. It was important to also eliminate the uncomfortable bunk beds by chosing individual beds instead. The room obtained a real girly mood: rose quartz and white colors dominate, complemented by a modern wallpaper.

We have not applied any particular change to the layout of the entryway, but we have created a unified overall picture by replacing and unifying the front panels of the existing cabinets, besides employed mood lighting to make the room more special.

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