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Our client had the intention to use the apartment, located at „Gozsdu courtyard”, for investment, and posed claim for a youthful, modern design. The floor area of the​​ apartment was 34 sqm and its curiosity was that it had barrel vault, with a ceiling height of 4.3 m at the highest.

The original layout of the kitchen was preserved, but through the designed it become much larger and more convenient – built-in fridge, microwave at eye level, pantry cabinet above it – and a small breakfast table was placed here with bar seats. White satin fronts were chosen to which recessed handles and push open system were designed.

For the ceiling of the kitchen and the living room we projected a white painted brick wall, spanning down to the floor on the side wall between the windows.

For a one-room apartment having high ceilings it was obvious to apply an upright standing gallery as a solution for sleeping area. On the gypsum concrete gallery a double bed with two bedside tables fit in comfortably. Underneath it the living room and dining room are housed. For the large living room we designed a wardrobe with sliding doors and built-in mirror, pull-out sofa for guests and a small dining room, whose key element is the large flower lamp.

The area below the windows was originally unbalanced and unused. As a good match to the youthful atmosphere a uniform reader area was established next to the windows. Thus, a new storage unit was created under the window on the right side hiding all elements that belong to the apartment, but are not aesthetic: gas heater, alarm system, rooter, modem.

In order to optimally utilize every space, also an integrated wardrobe was placed at the forefront of the bathroom. Given the high ceiling and small floor area, the foreground was characterized by a feeling of discomfort. Therefore, an extra ceiling, holder of weight and suitable container, was constructed over the bathroom foreground.

Two curved walls and its interesting form of the bath area were given, but that is the special about it. A large built-in shower with glass walls, and a countertop sink were designed. As coverage white metro tiles were chosen for walls, and wood-effect floor tiles for the substrate.

Regarding colors, crispy, fresh white dominates, in addition royal blue, gray and sometimes black appear. The interiors are characterized by minimalist style, clarity and simplicity, but with the brick wall a small rusticity has also been smuggled in.

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