TV show ’Falforgatók’ (wall-subverters) – Designing a bachelor’s flat

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The goal was to shape a practical modern, modest design home for Balázs.

Originally the apartment was used with an awkwardly small kitchen, so the primary task was to design a more spacious kitchen. The one-line kitchen was expanded into an L shape form and additional work surface was formed by extending the countertops. Sufficient stacking surface was provided in the kitchen and storage of cookware and appliances was also solved here. For the kitchen fittings a push-open system was selected, high-gloss white for the front of the lower cabinet, gray oak effect was provided for the upper cabinet and worktop, thus blending a little obscure warmth into the room. At the footing part around of kitchen LED strip light was applied, offering a special atmosphere for the kitchen. The central wall of the kitchen-dining room was accentuated by turquoise color matching in tone with the opposite curtain.

The owner decided to maintain the gallery structure in the room, so the existing one was transformed by gypsum board cover to fit the new ambient space. Following the change from dark color to white a modern look was the effected. The unfavorable lighting conditions of the apartment were resolved by spot lighting in ceilings and mood lighting. The wall opposite the entrance of the room is accentuated by a light gray wallpaper with geometry patterns, the wall behind the sofa is also reflecting turquoise color.

Upon specific request a comfortable built-in shower was placed in the bathroom instead of a bathtub. For the wall jackets eternal classic and now trendy.tiles with Carrara marble effect were chosen.

Balázs really liked the flat that I have designed.

Here you can watch the entire TV show:

1. part

2. part

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legenylakas_tervezese-01 legenylakas_tervezese-02 legenylakas_tervezese-03 legenylakas_tervezese-04 legenylakas_tervezese-05 legenylakas_tervezese-06 legenylakas_tervezese-07 legenylakas_tervezese-08 legenylakas_tervezese-09 legenylakas_tervezese-10 legenylakas_tervezese-11 legenylakas_tervezese-12 legenylakas_tervezese-13


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