TV2 Show ’Falforgatók’: Modern, youthful middle-class home

You may be a prospect to have a home like one of these

The need of young people formulated in using bright colors, constructing spacious rooms and keeping interior doors leaving, thus they wanted to keep the high civilian nature of the apartment, but they also dreamed of a modern home.

With all that in mind the maid’s room, originally opening from the kitchen, was cleared off, the bulkhead was removed and a spacious kitchen-diner was formed, which now also serves as a community space to accomodate friendly meetings. White kitchen cabinets were chosen, also also mosaic patterned wall tiles whose relative is reflected in the bath, and the washing machine is housed here.

The original size of the extra bedroom was large, so there was a possibilty to open a closet separation, which is the dream of every girl. Dark brown tendril pattern wallpaper breaking the light wall effect was selected for the wall behind the bed.

The living room and the floating bedroom curtains with ecru-colored translucent curtains and cinnamon decor were designed, the bourgeois elegance is reflected all that as well. Regarding pelmets, also the classic sidewall type was chosen whose endpieces serve as decoration.

Additional colors to the shades of beige and brown of the rooms are pistachio, strawberry, chocolate; ice-cream colors which are reflected in sofa cushions, bedspread and decorations.

The living room was decorated with a light geometry patterned wall paper and a section of the wall was broken with almond-colored paint. The rooms were equipped with light-colored ash flooring, while the entryway, the kitchen with dark vinyl cover.

The size of the bathroom was extended towards the kitchen, so that everything can comfortably fit in it, and in line with the couple’s request bathtub was designed with bath screens to make it practical to showering too.

Mosaic effect tiles have been applied to bathroom walls, wood-effect tiles to the floor.

The result is a youthful, energetic, bright and spacious home, which was highly appreciated by the couple. 😀 ❤️ And how about you? Do you like it? 😉

Here you can watch the entire TV show:

1. part

2. part

3. part

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