A „jewel-case” of 19 sqm in the city

You may be a prospect to have a home like one of these

A livable, comfortable and functional home was created from a small apartment of just 19 sqm.

The customer had purchased a studio apartment in District VI., Budapest with the intent to renovate and sell, thus commissioned us to do the design.
During the design process, the first step was to remove the partition, and for all-in functions a single open-space solution was applied. The original gallery was removed because it had taken up too much space and a new one was designed over the bath. The size of the lying gallery was tailored to a minimum, housing a mattress and two bedside tables to avoid squeezing the space and the apartment received more airy formation. Next to the staircase a mini foyer was developed as a storage space for shoes and coats, the space under the stairs was used by a console TV and a chest of drawers. Under the gallery a large sliding-door wardrobe was included outside the bath area. The kitchen was designed with special attention to create sufficient storage facility, so the upper cabinet became extended up to level of the gallery. Appropriate lighting is provided by hangers, brackets and hidden LED strip lights.

In terms of style the studio apartment is modern, youthful, simple, and jolly. It was important in the design to make it attractive to many people. Following the sale, the furniture was tailored to the buyer’s own tastes, the end result can be seen in the photos.


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