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Our client is a young lady living on her own, who likes luxury and often hosts a large group of people in her home. In line with her needs our project demonstrates a glamorous style, a cleaner, more modern version of it, so it is dominated by a ladylike style, but in a way that even a man can feel good in it.

Emphasis was placed on guest hosting, so the house was divided into two parts: a community and a more intimate part. The partitions were removed resulting in a much more open, spacious room, thus the kitchen-dining area together with the living room could be placed in a contiguous airspace. The living and dining areas were placed closer to the terrace door, while the kitchen at the most northern point of the apartment in our design. A comfortable six-person dining area and bartender assembly were provided for guests to enjoy highest comfort.

In the foreground – even though it became smaller – everything is available: a full-length mirror on the wall on the right side of the entrance, a large pouffe and hooks on the left, and a large sliding-door closet next to it. A chest of drawers, a holder of randomly layed things, was placed a little farther in the passageway.

The client did not have claim for a storeroom, so a guest toilet, a shower and utility room was designed instead. Cleaning tools and fold-down ironing board are hidden away by applying a built-in closet. Next to the sink, under the counter a closet is housing a hidden washing machine.

One color of the mottled roman shade in the community room is tuned to the wallpaper and the other to the cushion. The eggplant-colored, silver fiber wallpaper in the dining room wall is reflected also on the wall of the living room.

In the intimate part a comfortable bedroom, a closet and a separated sink-toilet was planned. The bathroom opens practically from the bedroom, being absolutely separated from the other rooms. The central element of the bedroom is a representative free-standing bathtub.

During the design, special attention was paid to hide the rather unaesthetic installation cable systems behind the suspended ceiling.

In terms of color scheme, silver gray, eggplant and mauve are dominating complemented by white and beige. The interior is featured by shiny surfaces, mirrors, fur, floral patterns, feminine shapes and crystal chandeliers.

Overall, the end result is a high standard, modern, contemporary, cozy and elegant luxury apartment.

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